Saturday, May 28, 2016

Behind behind-the-scenes of the "Shut my mouth" music video

Hello my butterflies!

Well, today's the day! You can officially see the music video for my single "Shut my mouth" on my YouTube channel! Watch here!

A few weeks ago, I took you behind the scenes of the video shoot, giving you a little look into the days of filming and the shoot. Well, now that you've (hopefully!) seen the music video, I'm going to take you even further behind the scenes!

On Day 1, we shot all of the indoor scenes, except for the studio scene. The clock that says 9:01 is true to the time we shot it, except it was 9:01 pm and it's 9:01 am in the video. It worked out because waking up at 9 am is definitely late for going to work! I thought it would be hard to hop on one foot in a heeled boot, but it wasn't too bad. Except the shot you see in the video, where I almost took a header into the wall! I love how the scene of me dropping everything out of my purse looks. Most of the things you see fall out of my purse is a notepad and pen (because a singer/songwriter always needs a notepad and pen), headphones (another necessity) and  makeup (like, literally all the makeup I own!), As we did more takes of that scene, more and more of my makeup was removed because eyeliners and lipsticks were losing their caps and were actually falling on the floor. Needless to say, I had to do a thorough wipe-down of everything later!

The bathroom scene was hilarious to do! The gagging was real, the "ew"'s were real, but the bird poop wasn't. Thankfully! After a bit of experimenting, we found that mixing baby powder and lotion on a wet tissue made the perfect watery, clumpy, bird-poop-esque mess. And it stained like bird poop too! I kept wiping it out, but it stayed white in my hair. I had to wash my hair (well!) afterwards to actually get the whole thing out.

On Day 2, we shot all of the outdoor shots. It was a beautiful day, but it was hot. Climbing into the car from the passenger's side was tough at first, but it seems like it was an acquired skill. As we did more takes, I was actually getting the hang of it and had to make it look more spazzed. But we used one of the first takes in the video, so that's really me struggling to get in. That's also me struggling with getting my purse stuck in the door a little bit later. Who knew it would be so hard to get a purse stuck in a car door?! We did 21 TAKES to get that shot, but it was so worth it. That last shot was a hot mess! I did not mean to drop my jacket either, but that so worked!

The bird poop concoction in this scene was actually different than the one we used in the bathroom scene. This mixture had to be much more watery, so that it would plop onto me correctly (ewww!). For this mixture, we used water and lotion again, but no baby powder. Instead, we sprinkled some oregano into it so that there would actually be green chunks in it (double ewwwww!) Luckily, that was a one-take scene and I didn't have to get the mixture plopped into my hair multiple times. But once was enough! After, I was able to get it out of my hair pretty easily, but I couldn't get the smell out! It smelled like lotion and oregano, which really isn't a bad smell, but still!

The last day was quick, since it was only the ending studio scene. I laughed after every take because of the ending. I was able to do the dead pan face easy on camera, but then I would crack up. I knew it would be the perfect ending, but seeing it complete with the rest of the video is awesome!

I love how the video turned out and I am so proud of it! I hope you all love it as much as I do! Do you relate to anything that happens? Have you had an even worse day than that? Comment below, or leave a comment on the video.

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