Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Progress! [Album 2 diaries - #8]

Hello my butterflies!

Today was a very productive day! On Friday, we started working on a new song, but I had to take the song home and rewrite the first verse and pre-chorus. So today, we went over the parts that I rewrote this weekend, and my manager loved the new lyrics! Best of all, they totally fit the music and the story, so they work perfectly. Then we moved on to the chorus. The chorus just needed a few tweaks, which I was happy about. Then we did the second verse and pre-chorus. We actually finished the music for the rest of the song, but the lyrics still need a few tweaks.

Overall, we made a lot of progress today and I'm absolutely loving how it's turning out. The music is different than I had initially thought for this song, but it's working. The vibe is just right and I'm really glad I was able to rework those parts because I really like this song and I really want it to be included on the final album. Of course, there's no guarantee that it will be, but now that everything in the song is working, it definitely has a greater chance. I'm excited to get into the studio again to finish the song off!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Back in the studio [Album 2 diaries - #7]

Hello my butterflies!

It's been a busy week! Nearing the end of school means loads of tests and projects and unfortunately for me, not much time to get into the studio. :( But things have quieted a bit, so I'm back!

Today we finished working on the song from the 30th. We had to finish rewriting it, which included rewriting a whole verse. We also had to figure out how we wanted the music to go for the remainder of the song. We worked on it, got it done and I like it. It's got this cool breakdown in the  middle and it has this really awesome guitar sound that's different from any of my other songs (are you writing these hints down?).

Overall, I'm happy with how this song turned out. On to the next!